A Rowell Addition, Introducing Harley

What is missing from a house with a wife, husband, teenager, three cats, a crazy chocolate lab, a bat in the attic, and a snake in the basement? A new puppy of course!

Having Asia, our 5 year old lab, we always assumed that it would be impossible to introduce a new dog into our lives. She barks at anything walking by and has never been very social with other dogs. This is partly our fault and partly her temperment.  She’s an extremely spoiled, strong, thick headed dog and we love her that way.

My brother’s roomate’s dog had puppies and I casually mentioned that it would be nice to have a puppy on a trial basis. They said I could try, but that all the puppies had been claimed. Fast forward a week or so, my brother calls to tell me there’s one little guy left. I say we can try it out for a night and see what happens.

That was two weeks ago. Asia was pretty leary of him at first and she still barks and nips at him if he messes with her when she’s resting, but she’s pretty tolerant.

So without further ado, I introduce you to Harley, he’s full blooded Alligator pitbull. His birthday is December 24.



  1. Awwwee! Congrats on the new addition! 🙂

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