Win It Wednesday HUGE List of Giveaways August 16

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10 Things First Time Campers Must Do

Planning your first camping trip is bound to be exciting. There’s nothing better than pitching a tent, building a fire and sleeping under the stars. It can feel like there are too many things to do to prepare for a trip and unfortunately, some first-time campers can make big mistakes during preparation, only to realize when it is too late. That’s why we’re offering ten top tips for first-time campers. Buy Affordable Camping Gear You have never gone camping before so don’t invest too much money on equipment. Camping isn’t always for everyone. While the thought of sleeping under the stars might sound peaceful, you may not like the reality. For this reason, don’t buy expensive camping gear until you know you want to camp on a regular basis. You could even ask a friend if you can borrow their tent or camping gear. If none of your friends like camping, we suggest visiting an online auction website or affordable retailer for bargain sleeping bags, tents and cooking … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Overcome Common Health Challenges

Struggling with your health is a common issue these days. There are many different reasons why someone may be not feeling well, so it’s not always easy to pinpoint a solution. While there isn’t always a cure, there are ways to get you back on track and acting more like yourself. Many of the natural ways to remedy your pain and suffering have worked for others. There’s no magic formula or pill, but there are lifestyle changes that you can make to feel better fast. You don’t have to live unhappy and upset. See five ways to overcome common health challenges. Drink more Water It’s possible you’re feeling bloated or dehydrated. A common reason is that you’re not drinking enough water. Water helps make your skin look nice and keep hydrated, and you feel more energized. Your belly will feel flatter, and you’ll feel a boost in your immune system. You’ll feel less fatigued, and water also promotes weight loss and flushes out toxins. It’s a natural headache remedy. Meditate It’s … [Read more...]

Win It Wednesday HUGE List of Giveaways August 9

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6 Simple Ways to Transform Your Life

The choices you make each day determine your future wellbeing. Unfortunately, an unhealthy lifestyle can often lead to the development of various life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke or high blood pressure. It is essential to maintain your body so that it will serve you well in the future. To help maintain your vitality, we’re providing six simple ways to support your wellbeing. Create a Goal The best way to maintain your body is by setting a goal. For instance, you should work towards a healthy weight loss, an exercise goal or a date to cut cigarettes out of your lifestyle for good. Once you have set a goal, you can then identify the best way to achieve it. Change One Thing at a Time Instead of attempting to fix multiple problem areas, focus all your attention on one area at a time. This will ensure you are 100% committed to fulfilling a goal. Once the change naturally fits into your lifestyle, you can then focus on the next big … [Read more...]