Bru & Crew – Meet Kai


Kai was born on my porch to a neighborhood stray. They had been moved off my porch, but then my neighbor's came over and said some kittens were in their tires. I went over there and sure enough some had gotten into the wheelwell (I think that's what it is called)? I pulled them out and then had to bring them in. They weren't safe! I put them all on the backporch. I found homes for a couple of the kittens and I was supposed to find homes for all of them, but Kai and Mo stuck around. Kai's name is actually Malakai though I've never called him that. I call him Kaibees or Kaibers. He was a strange little kitten, playful like most, but never purred. He finally started purring, but still it wasn't very often. Now it's every night! Recently it's our nightly ritual when I get into bed he comes to get some loving. He's almost pushy! He wants to be in my business, all up in my face! I have to hold him back until he snuggles in. He likes to chew on my fingertips sometimes. The … [Read more...]

Drink Javita Coffee and Tea to Lose Weight Giveaway


Back in February, a friend told me about weight loss coffee and tea. I thought to myself: Yeah, right! Too good to be true! But my friend was looking a little slimmer. Hmm... nope, I'm still not convinced. I saw the same friend a couple weeks later and she was down 10 more pounds and a couple inches. Ok... I'm paying attention now. She invites me to a coffee tasting party, it sounds interesting. Alright, I can do that. I get to the party and I go for the green tea. I think I chose peach syrup flavoring to add to it. As Ashley would say; O.M.G! Soooo delicious! I hung out for about an hour listening to the presenter and a couple testimonies. Below is the video that had me convinced this stuff works! Garcinia Cambogia ~ Quickly Lose Weight, Suppress Appetite, and Boost Energy ~ as seen on Dr. Oz Javita offers products such as: Lean and Green Tea, Burn and Control Coffee and Energy and Mind Coffee and the benefits can include: Reduced diabetic symptoms Relief … [Read more...]

Balance Back to School Tips


School has been back in session for a month and we are back into the swing of things. Of course, Jake is 17 so he manages pretty much everything on his own these days. I used to require that he eat breakfast, but at his age if he skips it that's his choice. Unfortunately, the food choices for lunch at his school aren't the best so some days he might not eat until he gets back in the afternoons. I have to say I don't particularly care for him waiting to eat that long, but again, I can't force him. When there are leftovers in the fridge, he tends to snag those as his breakfast. I have asked him if he would like anything specific to grab and go in the mornings and he said he would like granola bars or frozen type foods. Balance bars would make a perfect breakfast as well as an easy snack to take with him if he wanted to. Below are some fantastic back to school tips, especially with families that have younger children.   Keep Smart Snacks within Reach.Back to school … [Read more...]

I’m His Moonpie

I was skimming my Facebook feed and saw an article about the Chinese zodiac. I'm a sheep, oh boy that's exciting. Richard is a dragon. I told him and of course he said he knew that. He then made some comment on how great he is at video games to which I replied something about him being the best dragon in my world and the best at all the games. He took offense, he thought I should say universe because it's bigger. I said well I said you're the best dragon and I don't hear you calling me your moon and stars. He paused and said "You're my moonpie". I guess it's better than nothing! Later, he burped and said it was his dragon roar. Oh the things I deal with being married to a child. … [Read more...]

Bru & Crew – Meet Little Man


Little Man is 6 years old and definitely acts like he's the boss. Jake and I had been out shopping and when we got back we saw a guy standing in our neighbor's driveway staring at a tree. This was pretty strange so I walked over there to see what was up since I knew my neighbors were on vacation. A stray had given birth to kittens! There were only two of them and they were adorable. Now granted I didn't watch them all day and night, but right away it seemed like their Mama cat had no interest in them, so I left food out for them. Then weeks later Jake came in and said "Look what I caught!" There in his arms was this little bundle of orange. What was I supposed to do? Put him right back outside? Richard says yes that's exactly what I should have done. What can I say? I'm a softy.   Orange ball o' fur turned out to be everything kittens are. He was rambunctious and constantly harrassing Brutus and Roman. When trying to pick a name we actually considered Little Terrorist … [Read more...]